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- Photographer and dreamer from the UK - 

  • by alex_cameron • 17h ago
    Sneaky photo of the beautiful @katesnooks πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ Question time!! Who are the top 5 people (alive) you would
  • by alex_cameron • 3 days ago
    Will and the light. The light is there to play with, to touch, to breath. . . . .
  • by alex_cameron • 4 days ago
    3 random facts why not... 1. When I was six I fell from my top bunk and broke my collar bone. I now have a
  • by alex_cameron • 9 days ago
    Breath. Another self portrait. I want to write something happy, something positive cause so often I write on
  • by alex_cameron • 10 days ago
    It's a fine line. Self I took today with the help of @conzomg πŸ‘€ have been wanting to combine illustration
  • by alex_cameron • 12 days ago
    Found another of pretty @jodilakin that I liked
  • by alex_cameron • 14 days ago
    I'm feeling excited for this year :) want to be productive and inspired! Move more, take care of myself more,
  • by alex_cameron • 19 days ago
    2016 is coming to an end today, this year I turned 30, something I dreaded and still unsettles me, this year I
  • by alex_cameron • 20 days ago
    Throw back! Can't wait for the workshops I'm running with @georgiarosehardy next year
  • by alex_cameron • 25 days ago
    MERRY STRANGER THINGS CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Did this yesterday with @conzomg in the house, literally painted the
  • by alex_cameron • 26 days ago
    Had a little play around with one of the outtakes of @zoella from the @blogosphere_magazine shoot :) you know
  • by alex_cameron • 26 days ago
    Will took me to a rather festive house today, one he used to visit with his brothers as a child. You put some