27 y/o from 🇵🇱 Poland, living in 🌴Miami on the journey to get back in shape. Starting weight: 227 lbs 😲 Goal: 180 lbs and then bulk 

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    Im excited with the progress! Lets keep it going. Lets go! #weightloss #gym #fitness #fit #nutrition
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    Here is a workout idea for you mix it up. Leave a comment letting me know how was it. #gym #cardio #workout
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    Progress is the best motivation in life! When you can see and feel the difference. I'm fired up! #goals
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    Morning coffee before heading to the gym. ☕ Caffeine has been proven, in a few separate studies, to block
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    Can't have a high protein diet without supplementing it with some whey protein powder. Protein in a shake.
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    Part 1/2.. Top protein foods. How often do you have those? What's your favorite dish including those?
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    I do this too! #Repost @daniastrong_ ・・・ I believe this thing right here has been a great boost so far
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    After 10 days of working out, putting proteins over sugars, cutting soda and other empty calories out of my
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    I just discovered an amazing after workout pleasure. Hydromassage! Loosen your muscles after training to
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    One of my new best friends. Kefir. Great source of probiotic cultures. 1 serving has barely any sugar and fat,
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    10 days in, almost 8 pounds gone! Follow me to see what I'm doing to get to my goal body shape.