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  • instagram 479757 2614
    Photo of @erwnw by @jmmyylee Erwin Widianto ( @erwnw ) and friends get some perspective from their vantage point
  • instagram 658353 3293
    Photo by @wanderinglaur Adventure can be found even on a train ride home, like in this photo by Lauren
  • instagram 2012551 6980
    Photo by @dave.krugman Today’s #SolarEclipse traced its path of totality — the geographic line along which
  • instagram 731226 2644
    Photo by @wallopart Dog mom Katie Wall ( @wallopart ) set out on a local beach sojourn at home in England.
  • instagram 493121 6124
    Photo by @peachystudy As a student, Emma ( @peachystudy ) wasn’t satisfied with her school-issued planner, so
  • instagram 836366 4078
    Photo by @yamacame In Japan, summer is a time for suikawari. “It’s a traditional game that involves
  • instagram 1291587 4823
    Photo by @mximlr A 4 a.m. wake-up call sent Max Müller and a friend on a three-hour road trip to western
  • instagram 1064353 6853
    Photo by @galvartt Felipe Galvão and his cousin headed into the Brazilian countryside to capture this moment
  • instagram 1531410 9159
    Photo by @nekojimakeibu A majestic feline takes a leap of faith in Japan. 😸

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