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  • instagram 823576 3973
    Like millions of others around the world, Taryn Knight ( @taryndraws ) first discovered the magical world of
  • instagram 877132 5787
    For Javanese photographer Mast Irham ( @mastirham ), Indonesia can feel both intimate and colossal — a land of
  • instagram 1074255 3724
    Running through sprinklers at sunset in Catalonia #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by
  • instagram 1372170 3429
    While having a visit in her mother’s garden in Austria, Nina Streit ( @dreamingofmidsummer ) spotted Moonie,
  • instagram 857515 2370
    “Once upon a time I ran barefoot on these roads,” says St. Petersburg, Russia-based photographer Ivan
  • instagram 1342805 5137
    Exploring the countryside outside of Bogota with a pup named Milo #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by
  • instagram 741789 2348
    While strolling through the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City, Gustavo Marquez ( @gustmv ) spotted a man
  • instagram 957324 2534
    James Kuan ( @ohsnapjames ) followed the sound of horns while visiting Kampenwand mountain in Germany and found
  • instagram 562252 1526
    During a celebration of Iceland’s National Day, photographer Annie Ling ( @annielingphoto ) captures the

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