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  • instagram 392810 3940
    Vivid colorist Kayla Boyer ( @kayla_boyer ) believes rainbow hair makes the world a happier place. “If I had
  • instagram 677355 5966
    There’s nothing like the silliness shared among friends, Astika Rumateor de Leeuw ( @astikarumateor ) reminds
  • instagram 756358 2905
    Irina ( @irinahp ) captures her bright, summery state of mind with some juicy watermelon and a pink picnic to
  • instagram 697761 2731
    In Jakarta, @masjiwa captures that familiar feeling of just hanging in there. Follow along to see more of our
  • instagram 686944 5094
    Tens of thousands of electronic music revelers from around the globe descend upon the Belgium city of Boom for
  • instagram 1274595 10153
    Fireworks are on display for one in this surreal scene from Japan’s Aichi Prefecture by Taizi Sakamoto
  • instagram 717198 2917
    “Serendipity has played its role in making this photo,” says Marko Risovic ( @markorisovic ) of a timeless
  • instagram 1714717 6842
    A single flower becomes a giant gift when playing with scale in this coastal scene from Balaklava, Ukraine.
  • instagram 601155 5119
    It’s been an exciting year for Sejahari Saulter-Villegas ( @amaru_ler ). The 18-year-old, who travels to NYU

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