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  • by aravisdolmenna • 13h ago
    A quick "splash" for @instagram weekend hashtag project #WHPiseefaces #aravish2o
  • by aravisdolmenna • 1 day ago
    We rode over the downs yesterday, even though it was still cool the sun was shining and i could detect that
  • by aravisdolmenna • 2 days ago
    A quick one for @jjcommunity who today want us to experiment with "blackout" and "negative
  • by aravisdolmenna • 3 days ago
    England is well know for its quirky village names, but even so i was surprised earlier this week to find
  • by aravisdolmenna • 4 days ago
    Fell asleep to the sound of Strauss waltzes last night and woke up with a head full of ball gowns.. This is
  • by aravisdolmenna • 5 days ago
    I was thirteen years old when we took our last holiday as a complete family, two weeks in Yorkshire where my
  • by aravisdolmenna • 7 days ago
    🥚 How foolish of the hex-bolt bird, To lay her eggs upon the ground, And knowing that the shells are tough,
  • by aravisdolmenna • 8 days ago
    How can the single word love really cover the myriad different feelings it is used to describe, the love of
  • by aravisdolmenna • 9 days ago
    Still cold, but the first spring bulbs are out ❄️💡💚💡❄️💡💚💡❄️💡💚💡
  • by aravisdolmenna • 10 days ago
    When we were children we wanted the beach to ourselves, we weren't the sort to bask on towels, we would dare
  • by aravisdolmenna • 11 days ago
    Thought I'd post something "Norse" as it's "Wodensday" #aravisfantasyfruitnveg
  • by aravisdolmenna • 12 days ago
    Visiting a friend the other day I noticed some new mugs on her dresser, cream ceramic each sporting a large