27 y/o from 🇵🇱 Poland, living in 🌴Miami on the journey to get back in shape. Starting weight: 227 lbs 😲 

  • by proteinoversugars • 1 day ago
    Good run. 8.0 incline at 7mph. R U N. T O. Y O U R. G O A L S. A N D. B E Y O N D. #run #running #fit
  • by proteinoversugars • 5 days ago
    Can't go to a park with the family and not take an advantage to practice some sprints. #sprint #cardio #gym
  • by proteinoversugars • 7 days ago
    24 pounds less. I started at my life high weight of 227lbs and I'm down to 203lbs. Let's gooooo! #letsgo
  • by proteinoversugars • 11 days ago
    So fired up not only about my weight and increasing strength but also appearance. I wouldn't usually post a
  • by proteinoversugars • 17 days ago
    The sweat pours in the gym but it all starts with proper eating. Right portioned high protein meals will keep
  • by proteinoversugars • 22 days ago
    20 pounds off in 30 days! Lets go. Long way to go. Eat good, train good, look good, feel good 💯 #motivation
  • by proteinoversugars • 27 days ago
  • by proteinoversugars • 27 days ago
    There is something happening when you're impressed by your own results. Few weeks ago i was barely able to run
  • by proteinoversugars • 28 days ago
    24 days later. Less pounds, less inches in the waist, more inches on the arms and I'm just getting started.
  • by proteinoversugars • 29 days ago
    Almost a month into the working out and rigorous dieting, it's starting to become easy. I'm loving it!
  • by proteinoversugars • 33 days ago
    Im not telling you that it's going to be easy. I'm telling you that it's going to be worth it. 💯This year's
  • by proteinoversugars • 35 days ago
    Im excited with the progress! Lets keep it going. Lets go! #weightloss #gym #fitness #fit #nutrition