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  • by utahtherott • 4 days ago
    "Stop trying to make fetch happen," they said. "It's not going to happen," they said.
  • by utahtherott • 5 days ago
    It was 90 degrees yesterday! In case you don't know about degrees, let me tell you: 90 is WAY too many. I keep
  • by utahtherott • 9 days ago
    Adventures at the grandhumans' house: I spent all afternoon growling at the masks, and everyone kept laughing
  • by utahtherott • 12 days ago
    Just hangin' out, mindin' my own - wait. Is that an ice cube? I love ice cubes! I should get it! I got it! I
  • by utahtherott • 13 days ago
    Sun's out tongues out ☀️😝 #bro
  • by utahtherott • 21 days ago
    Roses are red / oceans are blue / if you're a stuffed shark toy / Utah eats YOU! #jaws
  • by utahtherott • 23 days ago
    Crashing book club with my buddy @manny.machadog. Turns out his tail and my big butt are not
  • by utahtherott • 25 days ago
    There's something outside! Maybe I should bark at it. Oh, never mind, it's gone. Okay, maybe just a little one
  • by utahtherott • 29 days ago
    Mom says she would like to thank the gum-chewing bastard who left his gum on the ground for me to lay in this
  • by utahtherott • 30 days ago
    It was raining yesterday, so I let mom play tug of war with me ALL DAY. I won every time (obviously), but
  • by utahtherott • 33 days ago
    #tbt - practicing my seductive
  • by utahtherott • 35 days ago
    That moment when you're in bed thinking you've made it through the day and avoided all the scary stuff, and