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  • by white_onrice • 2 days ago
    Seeing as it's the month of love I thought I'd throw this one in there. Tag that lovely person in your life.
  • by white_onrice • 9 days ago
    So I'm writing a book. It's a step by step origami book. This is one of the designs you'll find in it. I'll
  • by white_onrice • 11 days ago
    It's a bit late, but this is for you if you celebrate Chinese New Year. It is the year of the rooster. Happy
  • by white_onrice • 12 days ago
    A stop motion video I'm working on for a client. #stopmotion #animation
  • by white_onrice • 15 days ago
    I made this for these guys πŸ‘‡πŸ» @frankiefennermeatmerchants. I'm quite sure that cleaver will not do much
  • by white_onrice • 16 days ago
    If you could take only 1 thing and 1 person with you to an island, what and who would it be? I'd take some
  • by white_onrice • 21 days ago
    I spent the day being interviewed by the @cnnafrica team. The next time you see a short interview on TV, just
  • by white_onrice • 25 days ago
    !yad drawkcaB yppaH January 31st is officially BACKWARD day! Try doing the opposite today. Take the stairs.
  • by white_onrice • 27 days ago
    What would you do with your last dollar? #origami #dollarbill #pig Pig designed by
  • by white_onrice • 33 days ago
    It really is swanderful here... and @nikkialbertyn has a beautiful hand don't you think? #origami
  • by white_onrice • 40 days ago
    I was inspired by @almedapottery to create this. His account is so rad. Go check it out. Thank you
  • by white_onrice • 43 days ago
    The preliminary base is one of the most used origami bases. It's a square folded into a smaller square. It is