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Photo of @selenagomez by @luisadorr Lighting, timing, location — all of these were obstacles that Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr ( @luisadorr ) faced as she photographed the subjects of Time magazine’s ( @time ) “Firsts” project, which showcases 46 women who broke a major barrier in their field. “At first, it was difficult,” says Luisa, who shot all of her portraits — and 12 different “Firsts” Time covers — on a phone. “The subjects couldn’t understand that the same phone they carry in their pocket is able to make a professional photograph. But the phone allowed me to move fast — it was just me and the subjects.” Growing up in southern Brazil, Luisa studied photography in school and became a full-time freelancer in 2015; not long after, the Time editors discovered her work and brought her on as the lead photographer for “Firsts.” “More than just women, I saw amazing human beings and professionals,” says Luisa, who photographed women ranging from Oprah Winfrey to Hillary Clinton. “All of them went through a lot of struggles. This positive fighting energy is what has inspired me the most.” Watch our Instagram story to look behind the scenes of Luisa’s “Firsts” portrait sessions.
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